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90% faster, 34x cheaper?  How?

We created a platform capable of fully automating the initial preparer role for your firm.  It can prepare entire federal workpapers for your review, then send the data to your e-file platform and prepare the forms.  And it only takes a few minutes from start to finish.

Client Screen.jpg

View all of your clients' accounts as soon as you log in.  

Connect to QBO to pull in your financials, then upload prior year info or roll-forward PY's workpaper.

  • Cash/Accrual method TB upload

  • Automated M1 and M2

  • Automated allocations

  • Automated pro-formas for review

  • Supports most major federal forms

  • Xero & Freshbooks coming soon

New Project.jpg
Download Project.jpg

After you've uploaded all the PBC you need for the return, hit download to start reviewing the workpaper.  Once you sign off, send all the tax data to your e-file software with just a simple click of a button.

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