Real-Time Integration

Connect directly with your clients’ online bookkeeping platforms so that every time they make a change, your information is updated instantaneously.

Collecting Information & Preparing Workbooks

Automatically rolls over prior-year information to the current year workbook, directly connects your client’s bookkeeping software and your workbooks, and updates returns and related-entity data in real-time. With easy-to-use Excel-based workbooks, guided client setup, and one-click time tracking, tax compliance work has never been easier.

Instant Workbook & Return Preparation

Upload the PBC, either through Excel, PDF, or a real-time link to an online accounting platform, and use that data to prepare the workbooks and returns. Review, edit, then e-file.

Tax Automation

Fully automate repetitive and inefficient tasks in the tax preparation process.  Import client information, either directly from a real-time connection with an online accounting system, ERP system, or from Excel, and instantly prepare entire workbooks and returns.  Simply review, edit, and update what LittleNewt’s platform prepares, then e-file to the IRS or other taxing authority through our software.

Workbook & Form Integration

When preparing workbooks, you already calculated every amount that’s going to go on the forms, so why waste time transferring data from the workbook to the forms?  With LittleNewt, the forms are tied directly to the workbook so once the workbook is prepared, the forms are also prepared. It instantly reflects any update or edit done in the workbook on the forms.

One-Stop Shop

The automated workbook, tax return preparation, due date tracking, task management, time tracking and billing support, document storage, and client communication aspects are all rolled into an intuitive web and mobile application.

Cloud-Based Software

Easily save and back up all returns, workbooks, client documents, memos, and other files to LittleNewt’s cloud-based document storage.

Client & Team Communication

Easily communicate with your clients and remote team members via integrated video conferencing, direct messaging, and email that operates synchronously with your Gmail or Outlook accounts.

Safety & Security

Keep your clients’ data safe and accessible with multi-factor authentication, strong encryption, and secure messaging. Our code base is monitored 24/7 for changes, and we proactively seek solutions to the ever-changing landscape of digital security.

Diagnostics Review

Access Diagnostics from every page while staying on the relevant workbook to help resolve them. With all client information in the cloud for easy access & review, and the direct link between the workbooks and client financials, you can have confidence in your calculations at all times.

E-Filing the Return

Update returns in real-time directly from the workbook, so you never have to worry about repetitive data entry. E-file returns as soon as the workbooks are complete. The user-enabled platform means minimal wait times for client signatures.

Future Tax Planning

Month-end, quarter-end and year-end planning is a breeze, with the production of draft tax returns with every update of your client’s books.

Client Management

Track your time directly with our platform and invoice your clients from your computer, phone, or tablet device. Bill your clients on either an hourly or per-project basis.

Accessible on the Go

Available in both web and mobile applications. Use the software at your desk, in a meeting or at your favorite coffee shop.