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New York Barclays Accelerator, Powered by Techstars Announces Class of 2021

South Dakota startup, LittleNewt, selected among nine Fintech startups to join the accelerator program

New York Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars, announces class of 2021

South Dakota startup, LittleNewt, selected among nine Fintech startups to join the accelerator program

RAPID CITY, South Dakota – January 28, 2021 – The New York Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars, the FinTech startup program that helps entrepreneurs succeed, today announced their accelerator class of 2021. The program offers startups unprecedented access to the networks of Barclays and Techstars, and, over 13 weeks, provides mentorship, advice and expertise to help the companies develop their solutions.

LittleNewt was selected as one of nine FinTech startups to join the 2021 program out of hundreds of applicants. Each of these companies went through a rigorous screening and selection process that lasted several months before coming out on top. LittleNewt will be only the second South Dakota-based startup to join the Techstars program.

LittleNewt is a tax preparation and practice management software for CPA firms that integrates in real-time with their clients’ accounting systems, utilizes AI and automation to instantly create tax returns, and provides year-round, accurate tax information. The software is designed to automate 90% of the tax compliance process at a speed that is ten times faster, while maintaining the same quality standards. The startup began its operations in Rapid City, South Dakota, hometown of LittleNewt CEO, U.S. Army Veteran and experienced tax professional, Christopher Mundon.

“My team and I are incredibly excited and humbled to not only be accepted into the accelerator program, but also be only the second startup out of South Dakota. The Barclays Techstars program and network will be invaluable in our mission to bring an AI solution to a workflow issue that’s plagued the CPA industry for its entire existence,” said Mundon. South Dakota is also home of Co-Founder and COO, Yumin Chung.

LittleNewt is actively feature testing its software and looking for qualified tax professionals to join their pilot program. To learn more about LittleNewt’s services and how to get involved, visit

About Barclays

Barclays is a British universal bank. We are diversified by business, by different types of customer and client, and geography. Our businesses include consumer banking and payments operations around the world, as well as a top-tier, full service, global corporate and investment bank, all of which are supported by our service company which provides technology, operations and functional services across the Group.

For further information about Barclays, please visit our website

About Techstars

The Techstars worldwide network helps entrepreneurs succeed. Founded in 2006, Techstars began with three simple ideas—entrepreneurs create a better future for everyone, collaboration drives innovation, and great ideas can come from anywhere. Now we are on a mission to enable every person on the planet to contribute to, and benefit from, the success of entrepreneurs. In addition to operating accelerator programs and venture capital funds, we do this by connecting startups, investors, corporations, and cities to help build thriving startup communities. Techstars has invested in more than 2,300 companies and has a portfolio valued at more than $185B.

About LittleNewt

LittleNewt, a Fintech startup that began operations in March 2020, was initially founded by Christopher Mundon, CEO and Yumin Chung, COO. Mundon is an experienced tax professional with an extensive background in Private Equity tax compliance from E&Y and PwC. As an experienced tax professional trained at the best accounting firms in the world, Mundon is extremely qualified to lead the development of an automated tax product. LittleNewt is a Tax preparation and practice management software for CPA firms that utilizes AI and automation to instantly create tax returns and accurate, real-time estimates. LittleNewt allows CPAs to add data only once and then let the software do the work. Their commitment is to give tax professionals more time to serve as advisors and consultants to their clients. With LittleNewt, tax compliance is just reviewing, editing, approving, and e-filing. For more information on LittleNewt, visit or the official LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook pages. To find out more about the Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars program, go to


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