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Busy, Busier, and Busiest.

Tax Season Is Here And We Want You To Be Prepared

With the busy season approaching along with its stress-inducing ways, get ready to be flooded with self-care and survival tips for how to help you survive yet another year.

At LittleNewt, we want to take the stress of the busy season away. How exactly? By getting rid of it. Being well aware of the bottleneck phenomena that tax professionals must endure, we are passionate about significantly reducing the amount of mundane tasks and unbalanced working hours experienced during the busy season. Through an AI powered automation platform capable of creating a real-time connection with your clients’ accounting systems, our tax preparation platform instantly creates entire workbooks and returns for you to review, edit, and approve. LittleNewt transforms tax compliance from a labor intensive preparation task with a tight time crunch to an automated process where you can review and update returns that are being constantly updated throughout the year.

Don’t settle for 80 hour work weeks with occasional pizza parties. Let LittleNewt do the work for you. Just review, approve, and e-file!

Did we catch your eye? Be one of the first people to try out our software. Demo our software!

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