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The Story Behind 'LittleNewt'

When grandpa, Lowell “Little Newt'' Mundon, was a practicing CPA back in the 50s, everything was done manually on paper. Almost 70 years later, tax compliance is still a very manual process. From obtaining client information to preparing and reviewing workbooks to transferring data to the tax prep software, it’s still extremely labor-intensive and riddled with redundancies. LittleNewt provides a solution to tax prep that brings the human element back to the forefront. Our software allows tax professionals to spend more time building relationships and advising clients, rather than missing out on life’s most important events, especially during busy seasons.


As a fourth-generation tax professional, LittleNewt Co-Founder and CEO, Chris, knew a solution could be found in software, but it had to be built by practicing tax professionals who could completely reimagine how tax software should look, feel, and function. No more transferring data from the workbook to the tax prep software because now the workbook is the software. Through the use of AI and Automation, Tax professionals can now spend less time on preparing, reviewing, and updating workbooks and returns, as changes seamlessly flow to the return in real time. 


We bring a tax software solution to the market that users feel works for them rather than against them. LittleNewt is here for you.

About Us


We are a team fully committed to diversity and inclusion. We dedicate our innovative ideas to efficiency and automation, while providing premier customer service.


Transforming the way tax professionals work so their clients thrive.


A future where the customer experience returns to the forefront. Where CPA’s spend more hands-on time with their clients while tax prep software manages the paperwork.

Christopher Mundon.jpg

Chris Mundon

Founder & CEO

Big 4 Tax Experience and Iraqi War Veteran


Andrew Simpson, M.Sc.

Product Engineer

Over 8 Years in Software Engineering with CS and AI

Image from iOS.jpg

Jackie Sweet


Over 10 Years in Full-Stack Development & Technical Leadership

Rachel Duncan

Tax Product Specialist

12 years of corporate, partnership, and individual tax experience

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