Make This Your Last Busy Season

LittleNewt is a professional tax software that enables real-time integration with online accounting systems, creates returns instantly, provides year-round, accurate tax estimates and enables one-click ease of use e-filing.

Do These Pain Points Sound Familiar to You?

Getting Information from Clients

Labor Intensive Workbook

Repeated Data Entry

Clearing Diagnostics

How LittleNewt Helps These Clients


Jenny Li

She has a team of associates on her payroll who are forced to waste a lot of time flipping back and forth between multiple software platforms to prepare workbooks and return-filing software. Littlenewt consolidates all of her software needs into one single web-based platform. She can now streamline her work flow with her business and clients.


James Ryan

He provides tax compliance, bookkeeping, and consulting services. The long hours of last-minute tax returns during busy seasons mean James has minimal time for higher-margin consulting work. With LittleNewt's real-time connection to his clients' accounting platforms, James can work on clients' returns throughout the year.


Maria Hernandez

She is a sole practitioner who works 80+ hours a week. She wants to grow her book of  business, but has no time to work with new clients. With LittleNewt, she saves countless hours with workbooks, data entry, and clearing diagnostics, finally giving her the time she needs to take on new clients and her business to the next level.

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