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Tax compliance,
fully automated

Automated book to tax calc, full federal workpapers, allocations, basis, return prep.  Let LittleNewt be your firm's new tax associate

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Built by tax professionals, for tax professionals

Automate your firm's tax compliance tasks from PBC collection to return prep

Approved by the IRS to be an e-file provider

LittleNewt is a professional tax automation platform designed by tax professionals for tax professionals.  Gather PBC, prep fed. Workpapers, upload data to your e-file software; LittleNewt is designed to be your firm's newest tax associate!

Why are we building this?

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We're building what we wish existed when we practiced.

This all began one busy season when we thought "why am I doing this manually, why can't software automate this?"  So we left our firms to build what we wish we had when we practiced.

Tax returns are, effectively, a commodity.

You spend so much time on compliance, but what clients really find valuable is your mind and experience, not the forms you fill out.  Planning is what brings and keeps clients; however collecting PBC, preparing workpapers, and filling out forms are where we spend most of our time.

What does the future look like

See below to see what we've built so far and how we can currently serve your firm.  Here, we are going to highlight what the future looks like and why we feel we need to move in this direction.

Single, integrated platform (TY 2022)

Real-time connection to where your clients' tax data lives such as Xero, QBO, Fidelity, etc. to the workpapers and forms.  Any update made to in your clients' tax data flows to the workpapers, and any update to the workpapers flows directly to the forms

Automated prep & estimates (TY 2022)

Federal, State, and local workpapers instantly prepped for your review.  Real-time, current-year workpapers and pro-formas for quick and easy tax estimates, forecasting, and planning.

E-File to IRS, states, and localities (starting in TY 2024)

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Once the forms are signed and stored, e-file directly to the IRS and state tax authorities directly from our app.  

What we can do now

Automated workpapers

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Connect to QBO or Xero, then upload all other PBC to download a fully prepped federal workpaper ready for senior review.

Audit protection

In the event of an IRS audit, every single line item that goes onto the federal return can be supported on our automated workpapers

Calculate every line on the return

Reviewable pro-formas that allow you to review every line on the returns prior to sending the data to your current e-file software.

Current Plans

Power Federal workpaper automation.

Upload your clients' PBC (1099s, W2s, etc.), connect to QBO or Xero then download a fully prepared federal workpaper.

Import your clients' 2023 financials for to use our workpapers as a powerful estimates tool.

$45 per month


Workpapers & Prep

Use of LittleNewt's automated federal workpapers.  ​

Once you sign off on the workpapers, upload to our secure portal and we will prep your returns for you in your current e-file platform.  24 hour turn around.

Not a review, but we will mention if we see anything funky.

$1 45 per month

Full Service

Full service tax outsourcing.

Once you have your client's PBC, upload it to our secure portal and we'll return to you a fully federal workpaper and completed form to reviewed to senior level quality.

Includes 1 state return, but more can be negotiated.

We'll also take care of all first-year setup for our software.

Price by negotiation

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We take the security of your clients data very seriously, that is why made sure data is highly encrypted, our sight is SOC 2 compliant, and users must use MFA.


All data centers used to host your data are ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI Level 1, FISMA Moderate and SOX certified compliant


Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest using industry best practices such as SHA-2 and AES-256 provided by Amazon Web Services


LittleNewt will never sell, transfer, market, or otherwise make available your or your clients' information.

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